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About DeckGuru – Deck Repair in VA, MD, and DC

Many homes across the Mid-Atlantic have absolutely gorgeous interiors, full of practical and eye-catching spaces for entertainment, relaxation, and work. But who says high-quality design has to stop at the back door? For years, DeckGuru has been helping homeowners bring that same level of beauty and functionality to all of their outdoor living areas. Our deck restoration helps local families throughout Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Frederick MD enjoy every square foot of their home!

A Superior Deck Restoration Process

Over the years, we at DeckGuru have perfected the art of deck restoration. While most companies cut corners to increase profit margins, we never do! In fact, for a similarly affordable price, we’re able to provide a longer-lasting and more weather-resistant deck restoration. Here’s exactly how we stack up to other deck restorers in the region:

  • Most companies pressure wash your deck. We don’t because we know that this process damages wood fibers and speeds up the aging process. Instead, we completely remove the dead top layer by sanding it down.
  • Most companies leave your deck as is. We don’t because we know that problems should be addressed now to prevent future deck failure. We’ll fix cracks with a hard-as-steel polymer, exchange any protruding nails with 3-inch screws, and replace any rotting or failed boards.
  • Most companies apply a clear sealant. We don’t because we know that water-based sealants deteriorate in a matter of months. Instead, we’ll apply three layers of our patented coating, including a pre-finish primer. You can even choose from 12 beautiful colors!

Prevent Damage and Keep Your Deck Looking New!

Extend the life of your deck and keep it beautiful season after season.